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#5 Charter Flights
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#6 Charter Flights From Europe

#7 Ferries From Italy

#8 Be An Air Courier

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Baggage Policy – Any aircraft is sensitive to weight and our seaplanes are no different. In order to ensure a safe and comfortable flight to all our passengers, Pegasus Aviation Ltd. has adopted a strict Baggage policy. If you should have any questions, please contact our Call Center at 801 11 800 600 for further information. All AirSea Lines flights are operated by Pegasus Aviation Ltd.

Baggage – We will happily carry 12 kg / 26.4 lbs of baggage for each passenger on a flight. Where load permits, we will also take baggage over this limit on payment of an excess baggage fee of €2.00 per kilo per sector. In addition, any piece of baggage, which individually exceeds the limit of 12kg/ 26.4 lbs may need to be transported at a later flight. There is a maximum single item weight of 30 kg/ 66 lbs. Please note that infants under the age of 2 years are not entitled to a baggage allowance.

Excess Weight & Special Items – If you should be travelling with any piece of baggage weighing more than 12kg/ 26.4 lbs each and want to ensure your bags will travel with you on the same flight, it is strongly recommended that you book and pay for an extra seat. Pegasus Aviation Ltd. will then allocate 60 kg / 132 lbs of extra baggage allowance for you. You must pay for the extra seat even if you only utilize part of the extra baggage allowance. Extra seats for the purpose of the extra baggage allowance must be booked in advance and may not be available in all flights. An extra seat must also be purchased in advance for the purpose of accommodating oversized baggage items which must be carried on board, such as musical instruments. Oversized items requiring additional handling include surfboards, golf clubs, skis, bicycles, musical instruments and all other bulky equipment, will be charged at €15.00 per sector per item with additional charge of €2.00 for each kilo exceeding the weight limit of 12Kg/ 26.4 lbs, and will only be carried subject to space availability on the aircraft. Please note that we cannot accept bicycles unless they are properly packaged. Please arrange this with our call centre prior to arriving at the airport. Under no circumstances will Pegasus Aviation Ltd. carry firearms on board. Carriage of baggage is not allowed in the passenger cabin of our aircraft. Only items absolutely essential to passenger’s may be taken in the cabin and only if they can be accommodated in the individual seat pockets. Liquids are prohibited according to the EU legislation since November 6, 2006. All items should be weighed before they are allowed on board.

Prohibited Items - In addition to the list of dangerous items prohibited for carriage in baggage, regulations prohibit the following items from being carried onboard in the cabin. Toy or replica guns (plastic or metal), catapults, household cutlery, knives with blades of any length, Pen knives as part of a key ring, paper knives, razor blades, tradesmen's tools, darts, scissors, tweezers, hypodermic syringes (unless a genuine medical need can be proven), knitting needles, sporting bats, billiard, snooker or pool cues.

Under no circumstances will Pegasus Aviation Ltd. carry firearms i on board its aircraft.

Authorized Pegasus personnel as well as airport security personnel may refuse items not listed above which may endanger passengers and crew.

Lost Baggage - In the unlikely event that your checked baggage is lost, stolen or damaged whilst in the care of Pegasus Aviation Ltd. or one of our ground handling agents, this should be immediately reported to the ground handling staff upon arrival at the destination. You must ensure that a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) is completed before you leave the port of arrival. Most delayed bags are located within 48 hours and returned as soon as possible. In case that Pegasus Aviation Ltd discovers that the baggage is lost, stolen or damaged, its liability is limited to reimbursement, as provided by the rules of the Greek Aviation Code (Law 1815/ 88). In case that Pegasus Aviation Ltd. proves that it had taken all necessary measures to avoid this loss or damage, it bears no liability. We advise you not to check any baggage containing jewellery, money, checks, stocks, shares or any other object or valuables, which cannot be replaced.





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