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Finding the Discount Airline Fares!
A Step-by-Step Primer

There are a number of ways to find the lowest discount airline to Greece(or another part of Europe)that connects with your low(hopefully)fare from the US. I'll go over a couple of ways, but the are endless ways to do this so you may want to use your own creative methods developed from these.

It's possible to find low fares to points of Europe and it's possible to find low fares on discount airlines from points of Europe to Greece. The hard part is getting the two to connect so you can fly cheaply in and out of the same European city. Once you have to get to another city to catch a flight you end up having to spend more money, more time and facing the possibility of a lot more headaches. Sure $200 savings may look good, but when you have to get to the other location you could end up saving only $50-100 or less and spending a lot of time doing it.

Method 1- European Discount Airlines

I would do a search for "Discount European Airlines" or Google(bottom of page) or visit the discount European Airline page. Choose an airline and select the departure city as "Athens" or whichever city you want to fly to. I used EasyJet and once I selected Athens, it should be that it flew to London, Berlin, Milan and Paris from Athens. Since it flies to those cities, it stands to reason that it must fly from those cities TO Athens.

Next select one of those cities as your departure city, select Athens as your destination city, put in a date and click. You'll come up with the fares. In the case of EasyJet, I found fares for 21.99 euro plus tax per person. That's a great fare! But it won't help me if it's expensive to get to that city, so I have to find a low fare to Milan. Once you find a low fare you'll see that it becomes much easier and efficient to search because you know what you're looking for- in this case flights from Raleigh-Durham to Milan. Trying to find a cheap fare to anywhere in Europe can be a bit tricking and time consuming.

Once you find a flight that works, then book both(you may want to open two windows at the same time) and then close the deal on each(or call a toll-free number and book one while you book the other online). This will hopefully ensure that you are able to book both flights and don't get stuck with one ticket because there was a technical or other glitch that prevented you from purchasing both.

Method # 2 - Discount US flights

If you start this way, it's pretty much the same as method #1 except you're looking for the transatlantic flights first. I have a search engine below that you can start the search with. Put in your departure airport, the destination airport and the sample dates and see what comes up. If nothing good comes up, you can try playing with the dates or the destination cities until you find a reasonable fare. With my EasyJet tickets, I actually found the USAir flights to Milan first and then found the EasyJet flights for about 33 euro including tax.

I had originally found low fares to Venice, but when I tried Milan, the fare dropped about $700 for 3 tickets. Once I had those flights, I knew that I had to find a low fare to Greece from Milan or someplace else in Italy if I could get there inexpensively enough(I wanted to spend some time in Italy so I had options of other airports to depart from, but Milan was still the least expensive and most direct flight from Italy to Greece.

I think that's about it! It's worked for me so there's no reason that it shouldn't work for you with a little(or maybe a lot of) hunting.

There are a few things to keep in mind....

1. Sometimes open jaw flights(in my case Raleigh Durham to Milan and then Athens to Raleigh-Durham) are a less expensive way to get to Greece. Athens airport is a very expensive airport to fly in and out of so if you only fly in or out of it(but not both), there can be considerable savings.

2. Make sure that all your flights connect with plenty of time between flights. A missed flight on combined tickets has the potential of being a disaster!

3. Consider spending some time in that country you arrive in. The extra savings will most likely be devoured by the stay, but you'll end up with an extra holiday destination for what could be about the same as only going to Greece.

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